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Custom murals offer a high-impact way to craft a unique narrative about the settings in which they live.

Murals utilize large formats to create immediate visual impact, engage viewers, and tell stories. They can be used in a wide range of interior and exterior settings, from corporate offices and high-density residences to hospitality properties and institutions. The WRAPPED Studios team has extensive experience developing and creating custom murals for display in these and many other spaces.

Traditionally, murals have often been created by community groups working under the tutelage and direction of an established artist or artistic collectives. Many famous murals have a political dimension, with Chicago’s short-lived but impactful and iconic Wall of Respect offering a key example. 

However, in recent years, clients have increasingly commissioned custom murals for purely creative and aesthetic purposes. In these regards, they often function as a way to brand, differentiate, or augment the design value of a space or setting. WRAPPED Studios specializes in this area, creating colorful, large-format works for residential, commercial, and institutional spaces.

We also create public murals for community display. These custom murals function as local landmarks and points of community pride. Building owners and investors can also benefit from them: Murals work to raise property values in numerous ways, potentially generating positive returns on investment.

Our Southern California-based artistic collective leads the development and creation of large-format custom murals. In 2021, we created stunning and highly successful mural artworks for Colorado’s upscale Parkside residential community and Bluebird Market Hall. These projects ranked among our best-received and most successful commissions of the year. You can view many other examples of our large-format artwork in our online portfolio and gallery.

In every case, we pair clients with a dedicated consultant. Our consulting professionals excel at extracting actionable insights from client-focused conversations regarding your objectives, intended purpose, stylistic preferences, and budget.

From there, consultants work in tandem with our world-class artists to develop and refine multiple project proposals. After securing client’s approval, our team then creates custom murals at the field setting using advanced and professional production techniques.

Our clients are the big winners, as our internally focused development and production methods keep costs in check. We are therefore able to offer custom murals at prices our clients usually find surprisingly low, especially considering our studio’s industry standing and peerless capabilities. To learn more, or to arrange your consultation, please contact us.

Our complete collection of in-house resources includes consulting and project development experts who specialize in custom murals.

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