Based in Venice, California, WRAPPED Studio blends the traditional realm of visual arts with digital technology to produce captivating original works. We believe that everyone deserves art that inspires and we strive to make exceptional art accessible to all.

Our in-house team of artists and advisors work collaboratively with our clients to craft unique installations. Influenced by the culture, architecture, and ambiance of their designated spaces, our in-house team of artists design custom artworks and installations to harmonize with the daily lives of the people who engage with them.

WRAPPED Studio offers entirely original art and curated collections for a variety of spaces including office spaces, multifamily developments, hotels, healthcare facilities, and more. Our approach is a combination of comprehensive art consultancy with the creativity of an original art studio. We collaborate closely with our clients, considering their specific surroundings and design needs, to create highly customized art collections tailored to each individual space. Utilizing a diverse array of styles and techniques, WRAPPED Studio skillfully transforms client spaces into distinctive, personalized environments.