video art

Thumbnail representing a video art creation, illustrating a richly detailed living wall with a variety of lush greenery and interspersed bright flowers, conveying a sense of vitality and natural diversity.


This collection of digital art videos channels nature's tranquility. Simplified into calming visuals, these pieces are well-suited for spaces dedicated to healing and hospitality, providing a peaceful ambiance that supports relaxation and recovery.

A classical sculpture illuminated by a sharp line of blue light, creating a striking contrast between the marble figures and the rough stone background, presented as a thumbnail for a video art installation.

[still] life

This collection transforms public areas with digital reinterpretations of classical themes. From the serene to the surreal, each video, inspired by artists like Bernini and Morandi, bridges the gap between the past and present.

Thumbnail for a video art piece featuring a cluster of vibrantly colored, 3D cubes with a mesmerizing texture, resembling a digital art mosaic.


This collection adds color and motion to public spaces, enhancing environments with vibrant digital art. This collection offers a modern aesthetic that fits naturally within communal areas, providing a subtle yet impactful visual experience.