Charles Arnoldi Studio Mural

Charles Arnoldi is an internationally renowned American sculptor and painter known for his striking abstract works. His aesthetic is largely defined by its alternating use of strong geometric forms and poetic lines, as well as his innovative and visually arresting application of rich, vibrant colors.

Arnoldi's art studio is located in Venice, California, which is also the home of WRAPPED Studio's headquarters. Our team proudly created a stunning work of public art that transformed his studio's exterior walls into an iconic neighborhood landmark.

The 1,500-square foot mural functions as a celebratory showcase of Venice's thriving artistic and creative culture. It depicts Arnoldi and multiple other famous locals, including Hollywood action hero and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The mural also offers a nod to Venice's famous lifeguard towers and pays homage to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Additional elements and design features combine to tell the compelling story of Venice culture. Our artists also worked in hidden references to the city and its colorful history, making this custom public art mural worthy of careful study and repeat visits.