Our expert hotel art consulting services help you create a more impactful branded guest experience.

In recent years, the hospitality industry has undergone dramatic change as the rise of peer-to-peer holiday rentals has reshaped the market. This increased competition has left owners and managers of traditional hotels in search of new ways to build a better and more memorable guest experience, and our hotel art consulting services can help.

Hotels can use art to subtle but important effect in many areas. Lobbies are a high-visibility space where important first impressions are formed, and as such, they are strong candidates for large-format pieces that draw attention and help set the tone for the guest’s stay. Elevator areas, lounges, and hallways also receive high levels of foot traffic, making them ideal for supplementary smaller-format pieces that extend your branding efforts.

More intimate spaces, including guest suites and bathrooms, can also use art to help build a strong, direct connection between your property and your customers. In these areas, art serves as a subtle reminder of the lifestyle values shared by your hotel and its guests, and it can make a subconscious but lasting and powerful impression.

Trust our proven hotel art consulting expertise to beautify and enhance the appeal of your hospitality property.

These benefits are best realized with the help of the knowledgeable professionals on the WRAPPED Studios team. Our expert art consultants specialize in finding innovative ways to project the vibe and values you’re trying to express to your guests onto your fine art choices. To that end, our hotel art consulting process always begins with a detailed consultation, during which we will work to discover the differentiating factors that make your hotel a unique and enjoyable place to stay.

From there, our art consultants will suggest a creative direction for your project. Once you’ve given your final approval, our talented in-house artists will take over, and custom-make your one-of-a-kind artworks.

Our work has been featured in many high-profile hotels, including everything from high-priced, exclusive Parisian properties to chic and contemporary venues in Southern California. We have the knowledge and expertise to work in practically any style, and our artists can deliver gallery-quality finished products in a full range of formats and media.

To learn more, or to connect with our expert hotel art consulting staff, please contact us at WRAPPED Studios to get started.