Digital Art

Bringing creativity without limits to life

Creativity meets technical expertise in our dedicated Digital Art division, which produces cutting-edge work that captures the energy and excitement of the 21st century. Preferred by clients seeking to make a bold, modern statement, digital art offers unlimited creative and expressive possibilities.

Options include video art, experiential and immersive art, and large-format works that make innovative use of digital display technologies. Our fine art consultants and production team can also create custom works based on your inspired ideas.


Bringing joy to the everyday

The classical splendor of traditional paintings retains its strong appeal, especially to clients seeking to create a refined and timeless atmosphere. WRAPPED Studios draws on a complete set of colorants and paint types to create breathtaking custom works on canvas, aluminum, and mixed-media formats.


Bringing you art larger than life

Murals create a unique sense of immediacy and engagement with their large-format presence and striking visual appeal. They also transform everyday spaces into exciting artistic media, breathing life and creative energy into indoor and outdoor locations.

WRAPPED Studios counts murals among its dedicated specialties, and clients can engage our fine art consultants to order both temporary and permanent pieces.

Art Consulting

Let art in and see it transforming your space

Custom artwork offers a long list of benefits in every setting: it brightens and refines homes, builds exclusive appeal in higher-density residential buildings, improves employee morale and psychological well-being, and attracts clients to businesses. However, sourcing works that express your personal values while perfectly matching your space is an essential but difficult step.

Our fine art consultants offer advanced expertise in this area. We help clients save time and money while avoiding the frustration of trying to find the perfect piece on the secondary market.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I work with WRAPPED Studios?

WRAPPED Studios is entirely unique in that we are able to match the artistic caliber of original hand painted works of art without matching the time frame and pricing thereof. This allows our clients to experience, as Interior Design called it, “museum quality” artwork at an unprecedented price point and with an unprecedented degree of customization.

What are WRAPPED Studios' lead times?

After the approval of your one-of-a-kind artwork or artwork collection, lead times range from six to eight weeks. Comparatively, a single original hand-painted piece of a similar size could take months to complete.

What mediums or substrates are available?

At WRAPPED, the possibilities are infinite and we can work with almost any medium best suited for your walls. However, most of our work is produced with Canvas, Wallcovering, Hand-Painted Murals, Digital Art, Acrylic, Aluminum, and Cotton Rag.

What should I provide to WRAPPED to get started?

The first step to start your customized art plan with the WRAPPED team is to share as many details or materials as possible from your project and we will take it from there. Typically a first round from WRAPPED includes custom artwork paired with visuals to show how the artwork will look in your project elevations or rendered into project photos.

Will I be able to edit the artwork proposed by WRAPPED?

Yes! The WRAPPED team will be able to tailor the artwork to meet your vision and project specifications.

What design styles are possible to achieve with WRAPPED?

Here at WRAPPED we have a team of artists with varying talents and styles, so are able to achieve almost any style or aesthetic. We look forward to proposing a range of options and will work to hone in on the exact look that will mesh seamlessly with your project.

What is your price range?

All of WRAPPED's pricing is unique to each project and is based off of the final sizes, quantities, and mediums. With our custom process, we are able to accommodate any size budget and our team is experienced in working with a wide range of project scopes. We don't charge design or consulting fees, so all of the project budget will go directly towards your artwork selections.

What cities do you work in?

The WRAPPED Studios HQ is based in Venice, CA, but we are able to work globally and will find the right solution regarding freight and installation options for your project.

Make it outstanding.

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