Research supports the notion that office art delivers proven benefits to businesses

Office art does much more than just add sophistication to work spaces. Recent studies conducted by leading psychologists have demonstrated that artwork can boost productivity, reduce stress, and foster an increased overall sense of well-being. In 2016, researchers from the University of Exeter found that employees working in artwork-enriched offices were 15 percent more productive than those who worked in so-called “lean” spaces, which contained only the bare necessities required for task completion.

The simple act of viewing a work of art also engages brain centers connected to creativity and happiness while delivering a calming effect that reduces stress. Leading consultants in the field of office art note that art-enriched spaces inspire heightened levels of positive energy, creating a far more attractive working environment than bland and monotonous spaces that suggest soulless industrial production.

Yet, the benefits of office art extend well beyond improved productivity and employee satisfaction. Artwork is also an excellent way for businesses to signal creative values and brand themselves as innovators. This can have a positive impact on client relationships and complement existing business acquisition strategies.

The same is true of employee recruitment and retention. Younger people entering the workforce are showing an increasing preference for pursuing employment opportunities with companies that project positive values. Attracting the top available talent is becoming increasingly challenging, and office art is a proven and effective front-line measure for forging strong initial connections with prospective employees.

Acquire stunningly beautiful, custom office artwork

The WRAPPED team includes highly experienced consultants who know how to turn general concepts and ideas for office art into actionable enrichment strategies that deliver powerful workplace benefits. During your consultation, we’ll collect information about your business, its core values, and the kind of image you want to project. We’ll then translate those insights into detailed proposals before turning the project over to our in-house team of world-class artists.

Our talented team creates custom office artwork in a full range of classical and contemporary sites across traditional and non-traditional media. We’re able to deliver elite finished products for prices well below the market average, thanks to our innovative in-house production system.

Enjoy the freedom and control that comes with custom office artwork, all for rates that deliver incredible value. To learn more, please visit our gallery of past projects or contact us for further information.