With custom hotel artwork, you can turn unused wall space into a subtle but powerful branding platform.

Traditional hotels are facing new competitive challenges, given the meteoric recent rise of peer-to-peer vacation rental platforms. Hospitality properties have to work harder than ever to please their guests and keep them coming back. When used properly, hotel artwork can play an important role in achieving that objective.

Experienced hotel managers will tell you that the key to creating a positive guest experience is to foster a strong emotional connection between your guests and the spaces they occupy during their stay. This connection begins with carefully chosen art for hotel lobbies, which greets guests the moment they enter the property to spark a lasting first impression. From here, it continues into more intimate and private spaces including hallways, guest rooms, and bathrooms.

Art for hotel hallways builds on the first impression you’ve made with your lobby art by reinforcing your branding strategy. These kinds of thoughtful details also make your guests feel more welcome, which is critical to sustaining success in this ever-more-competitive industry. Adding wall art in guest rooms and bathrooms helps create a more home-like environment, all while contributing to a consistent experience that leads to better reviews and more repeat business from satisfied customers.

Our expert in-house hotel artwork consultants have contributed projects to some of the world’s most exclusive hospitality properties.

Working with a proven hotel artwork expert is one of the keys to achieving success in this critical branding venture. At WRAPPED Studios, our network of experienced in-house consultants have participated in projects for some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious hotels. The many successes we’ve enjoyed have helped us build a reputation as a leading international provider of custom hotel artwork.

During your consultation sessions, one of our experts will take time to learn all about your property, what makes it unique, and what keeps guests coming back. These details will help us formulate a tentative plan for the aesthetic direction of your project, and once you’ve signed off on a specific direction for your hotel artwork, we’ll turn things over to our talented production team.

The end result: stunning, custom-made, gallery-quality works of fine art that perfectly capture the values, mood, and atmosphere of your property while creating an intimate connection with guests.

To get started on your custom hotel artwork project, please contact a member of our client services department.