Our expert corporate art consulting services help businesses make the best possible impression. 

First impressions are a big deal in the business world. Whether it’s a prospective client or new professional recruit walking through your door for the first time, people make judgments about your company from the moment they arrive in your offices. Art can play a major role in generating more positive and impactful initial impressions, and that’s where our corporate art consulting services can be a huge asset.

Strategically placed and tasteful art sends a subtle but important message to those who see it. Art communicates that you value creative thinking, and that attention to detail is a priority for your company. It also shows that you care about the impression you make and the values you project, and these subconscious signals can be so powerful that they can impact whether or not you land that new client or attract that elite professional for a high-level job vacancy.

Our corporate art consulting services help you turn empty and unused wall space into an extension of your company’s branding platform. We produce custom-made fine art that’s specially tailored to allow our clients to replicate the energy and values that make their businesses thrive.

Stimulate creativity and attract better professional talent with the help of our corporate art consulting expertise. 

Beyond helping businesses enjoy a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting the top available talent, custom-made fine art can also improve employee retention rates by fostering a more creative and enjoyable working environment. Looking at art is also scientifically proven to reduce stress, which in turn helps you improve employee performance and productivity.

At WRAPPED Studios, we’ve created a unique business model that allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of our corporate art consulting services for very affordable prices. Every stage of our process is completed in-house, facilitating excellent communication between our consultants and our art production staff. This model also completely eliminates middlemen and markups from the equation, enabling us to offer custom fine art of elite quality for below-market prices you’ll find pleasantly surprising.

For some examples of our past work, please visit our online gallery of recently completed custom corporate art projects. Then, when you’re ready to take advantage of our corporate art consulting expertise, please get in touch with a member of our client services department.