WRAPPED Studios creates gallery-quality custom residential art that elevates the aesthetic appeal of shared interior and exterior spaces.

Managed by the Irvine Company, Villas at Playa Vista is an exclusive Southern California lifestyle community. The development combines the urban chic of the Los Angeles metro area with the idyllic appeal of the Pacific coast. Responding to a request from the Irvine Company, WRAPPED Studios recently developed a unique custom residential art collection for multiple buildings in the Villas at Playa Vista complex.

During the project’s initial phases, our residential art consultants interfaced with Irvine Company representatives to conduct a site assessment and identify specific end objectives. Following these sessions, our consultants applied their gained insights to propose a trio of collections. Each collection had its own distinctive theme, and each was slated to occupy a different building within the Villas at Playa Vista Complex.

The completed collection is anchored by colorful, tone-setting abstract designs that occupy high-profile spaces that see a great deal of foot traffic. These now occupy multiple areas within the Villas at Playa Vista development, including motor courts, breezeways, elevator lounges, and lobbies.

Our team also created a series of large-format custom canvas artworks for the main lobbies in multiple buildings. These canvas-based custom residential art pieces represent a traditional alternative to the durable, weather-resistant aluminum works we executed for outdoor display in Villas at Playa Vista.

Custom residential art attracts higher-quality tenants, reduces vacancy rates, and improves overall property profitability.

Our work at Villas at Playa Vista resulted in high-impact improvements to the aesthetic appeal, mood, and tone of the spaces they occupy. This ranked among our client’s top priorities, but they also helped advance other key objectives. These additional benefits also apply to practically every situation in which custom residential art is used in multi-tenant settings.

Artwork creates a more refined, exclusive atmosphere. This, in turn, broadens a given property’s appeal to upscale tenants. It helps build the kind of community that discerning occupants want to be a part of while reducing vacancy rates over the long term.

Our consultants are available to guide custom residential art projects for clients located anywhere in the world. To schedule your initial session, or for further information, please contact a WRAPPED Studios client services representative.

June 26, 2023