Our office reception art team can create a curated work of custom art for your business, at prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

WRAPPED Studios works with prestigious clients around the world, creating custom artworks for exclusive companies and luxury properties. Our entire team of artists and consultants are here to guide you through a bespoke office reception art procurement process. 

We match each client with a custom plan for curated artwork, developing concepts that advance specific goals and complement each space. Wall-size murals like we created for UMG rank among our specialties, but we also work in a complete range of other traditional and digital media and formats.

Office reception art is particularly important, given that so many visitors and clients interact with it. Our consultants bring advanced expertise and sharp insights to every project, developing unique concepts perfectly tailored to your stated preferences.

To begin, we set up one-on-one sessions between clients and a dedicated consultant. Arranging yours is easy: simply contact WRAPPED Studios and we will assign you to one of our office reception art experts.

June 25, 2023