Convene commissioned our world-renowned studio to create custom wallcoverings for an acclaimed Downtown L.A. project. 

Convene is an innovative company that combines design expertise with amenity-rich hospitality support. Powered by a signature tech platform, the company forges partnerships with property owners and landlords to create exceptional workspaces loaded with comfort features, high-end amenities, and courtesy services. After establishing its reputation with locations in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, Convene recently expanded into Los Angeles with a project in the city’s historic downtown. 

WRAPPED Studios was invited to take part in Convene’s interior design strategy. Convene commissioned our custom art consultants to conceive artwork for a stylish and trendy DTLA coworking space. Our team began by evaluating the space’s functionality and usage profile, which suggested an approach centered around wayfinding. As a concept, wayfinding integrates aesthetics with logistics, offering a creative solution to spatial orientation challenges.

The final project consists of large-format Type II vinyl custom wallcoverings. They were designed to create a continuous and thematically unified presence throughout interior areas with high volumes of foot traffic. The end result perfectly captured Convene’s stated objectives of using interior art to guide visitors through the space while generating an energetic and memorable impact.   

 Our studio makes premium custom wallcoverings an affordable, attainable option for commercial and retail clients.

The success of the Convene DTLA project speaks to the unique capabilities of our Venice Beach-based studio. WRAPPED Studios uses a proprietary model that draws exclusively on in-house assets. All consultants, production professionals, artists, and technicians are permanent, full-time WRAPPED employees. Thus, our studio does not need to outsource work to costly third-party contractors.

This structure benefits our clients in multiple ways:

  • It creates a streamlined, efficient process that links project conception, development, and production across direct communication lines
  • It eliminates unnecessary expenses and costs
  • Clients avoid the need to search secondary art markets for pieces that match their vision
  • It allows us to create and deliver your custom wallcoverings quickly, even on tight schedules

Convene DTLA is one of many high-profile, prestigious clients that have benefitted from our bespoke approach to art creation. If you would like to order custom wallcoverings, paintings, murals, or digital art for your place of business, please contact our team to arrange an initial consultation.

June 26, 2023