Explore a recent custom gym wall art project created by our studio for 1625 Lincoln Boulevard’s fitness facility.

Given their potential to transform neighborhoods and make them more walkable and livable, mixed-use developments have emerged as a hot urban development trend. Our studio was recently invited to contribute custom gym wall art to 1625 Lincoln Boulevard, a new mixed-use complex in the Los Angeles suburb of Santa Monica. 

WRAPPED Studios was commissioned by Fifield, the luxury property development and management group behind the 1625 Lincoln project. Fifield sought a series of large-format, fitness-themed custom wallcoverings for the property’s state-of-the-art fitness facility.

Custom gym wall art plays an important role in attracting and retaining clientele. Fitness facilities that cultivate positive and inspirational environments tend to draw more users. Gym art also makes the surrounding space a brighter and more lively place to be – an important benefit when considering the amount of time committed individuals spend working out.

Working in tandem with the client, our art consulting professionals developed a concept for a thematically related series of full-size wallcoverings. The finished pieces combine abstract and representational elements, drawing on established imagery to yield refined artworks that seamlessly integrate with the facility’s existing interior finishes. They command attention without overwhelming the viewer, thus advancing the beneficial objectives of custom gym wall art.



Our professionals develop custom gym wall art concepts in-house, bringing them to life using strategically sound production models that reduce costs.

One of the main reasons clients turn to us for custom gym wall art is rooted in our studio’s unique business model. Unlike many other art collectives, we maintain full-time, in-house staff rosters comprised of accomplished consultants and world-class artists. This structure facilitates outstanding cross-departmental communication, ensuring all participating parties are on the same page regarding each project’s direction, objectives, and intended outcome.

Another benefit of the WRAPPED Studios system is that it reduces costs for our clients. Streamlined production schedules centered solely on in-house personnel allows us to avoid the need to hire expensive outside contractors. As such, we achieve superior levels of cost control, which we pass on to our clients in the form of lower pricing.

To discuss or order custom gym art or any other type of interior design artwork, please get in touch with a member of our client services team.

June 25, 2023