Interactive video art for buildings has opened up a limitless new world of creative possibilities.

In recent years, art creators have been exploring the incredible creative possibilities presented by interactive digital technologies, with amazing results. WRAPPED Studios is pleased to announce that we have expanded our suite of services into this exciting region of artistic expression, integrating video art for buildings into our existing lineup of production services.

The confluence of video art and architecture represents an exhilarating artistic innovation. Digital projectors are capable of transforming buildings into large-format digital canvases, creating incredible public engagement platforms with a uniquely contemporary flavor.

Video art can also be used to achieve unique effects in interior spaces. Its interactive and temporal characteristics can be used to create a fluid range of moods and effects, giving you a denser, more nuanced, and more engaging medium through which to shape your narrative.

The WRAPPED Studios team of consultants, artists, and technical professionals helps clients understand and tap into the amazing expressive and artistic potential of emerging media. Our team creates video art displays in a full range of scopes and formats, from small and intimate projects to dazzling full-scale installations.

Whether you’re looking to engage our professionals on a temporary project for a special event or create a permanent digital video artwork, we have the in-house resources and capabilities to deliver exactly what you’re looking for.     

Video art for buildings opens up innovative branding and marketing possibilities to corporate clients.

A growing number of businesses have been using video art for buildings as a multimedia extension of their marketing, branding, and advertising strategies. This has proven to be an intelligent way to indirectly and directly engage new prospects, as evidenced by the long list of major technology companies who are using video art in their corporate lobbies to convey their status as influential innovators. We help businesses in a full range of industries tap into that same message, generating outstanding returns for your investment.

Our video art team is also fully available for purely creative applications, for events like concerts, premieres, festivals, gallery openings, and public art displays. To learn more about our full suite of services, or to engage our consultants on projects involving video art for buildings, please contact a member of our client services department.

June 24, 2023