The WRAPPED Studios consulting team now includes video art consultants with special expertise in new media formats.

Rapid recent advancements in digital technology have opened up a wide range of new artistic possibilities. Not all that long ago, video screens were prohibitively expensive, which greatly limited their practicality as an aesthetic medium. Today, they’re everywhere, and even high-end video projection and display technologies can be integrated into modest budgets. To meet increased client demand, we’ve expanded our range of services to include video art consultants who have advanced knowledge and experience with emerging media formats.

Video art, by its very nature, delivers an infinitely more dynamic and varied range of possibilities than traditional media. Commercial clients are increasingly using video formats in corporate lobbies and other high-visibility spaces to unique effect. Businesses and corporations have long used art as a way to communicate their values to employees, customers, and prospective clients. Video art provides a bold new way to deliver a targeted message — one that puts you on the cutting edge of emerging technology.

Using new media for aesthetic applications sends a strong message about your commitment to innovation. This can have a powerful effect on all aspects of your business, and our video art consultants are here to help you craft a customized and interactive display that expands the reach of your identity-building and branding efforts.   

Our expert video art consultants help clients navigate emerging technologies to create unique multimedia art installations.

The WRAPPED Studios team of video art consultants bring advanced, deeply developed understandings of emerging technologies to every project. This, combined with our industry-leading aesthetic expertise, positions us perfectly to guide the conception, creation, and installation of video art displays that will capture and hold the attention of your viewers and visitors.

Our video art consultants are available for a full range of small-format and large-format projects, including:

  • Interior enhancement in corporate and commercial settings
  • Indoor and outdoor special events
  • Public art displays

We’re also happy to work with clients seeking to use video art for experimental applications. All work is performed in-house, by a talented team of dedicated and highly credentialed consulting and production professionals.

To learn more about our services, or to arrange your individualized session with one of our video art consultants, please contact a member of our client care team.

June 24, 2023