The accomplished consulting and production staff at WRAPPED Studios guide the creation of custom-made, museum-quality residential artwork displays in a full range of styles.

As a prominent commercial fixture in the Los Angeles art community, WRAPPED Studios has attracted some of the city’s most capable artistic talent. Los Angeles ranks right alongside New York and Chicago as a leading center of American art production, and we have taken full advantage of our location to build one of the most capable residential artwork teams in the region.

One of the key differentiating factors of WRAPPED Studios is our deep, knowledgeable, and skilled group of in-house professionals. The WRAPPED team consists of:

  • Experienced residential artwork consultants: Our consultants develop projects from both aesthetic and practical standpoints, creating detailed plans and working directly with artists in a supervisory capacity to ensure their accurate realization.
  • Incredibly talented artists: Our artists work in a complete range of custom content modes, including both traditional and emerging media. You can browse some of their original art creations in our online gallery.
  • Skilled technicians and craftspeople: The WRAPPED Studios suite of services also supports immersive and interactive digital media, as well as custom framing services, installations, and more.

The combined strategic, artistic, and technical capabilities of these accomplished professionals delivers a premium art procurement experience that allows clients to enjoy beautiful, custom-made works of art that perfectly complement residential spaces.  

Our residential artwork services are available to homeowners, collectors, and owners/managers of high-density dwellings.

We are pleased to provide our residential artwork services to individual clients, as well as owners or managers of multifamily dwellings. In most cases, our private clients are looking for a convenient alternative to searching the secondary art market for just the right piece. Whether you’re seeking a bespoke work for your private collection or want to complement your interior design strategy with a custom painting or sculpture, we are fully available to create commissioned art to your unique specifications.

Multifamily residential complexes can use custom artwork in hallways, stairwells, lobbies, and other high-visibility areas as part of concerted, cohesive branding efforts. This markets your property to an appealing tenant base, helping you attract and retail desirable residents over the long term.

No matter what your objectives, our residential artwork consultants and production professionals are here to bring your vision to life. To learn more, or to arrange a session with one of our consultants, please contact a member of our client services team.

June 24, 2023