WRAPPED Studios can help your organization use the power of public art to make a bold and memorable statement.

Public art can serve many different functions in urban environments. Beyond beautifying spaces and inspiring viewers with prominent displays of creativity, public artwork can encourage dialogue among community members by drawing attention to particular local issues. To this end, artwork can also educate and inform members of the public in enjoyable ways that add cultural value to neighborhoods while enhancing the character of city infrastructure.

In other cases, public art installations simply celebrate the city in which it lives. It challenges the imagined divide that separate people from their surroundings, stimulating an exchange between the viewer and the work that helps people forge stronger, closer ties to their localities.

Because artwork can play such a vitalizing and engaging role in everyday life, WRAPPED Studios is pleased to provide a complete range of public art consulting and production services. Our team can create traditional image-based works as well as exciting new forms that use multimedia and digital art formats to your custom specifications. The end result is an attention-getting yet cost-effective mode of expression that can also act as a unique branding opportunity for businesses.

Our public art consultants and production staff have the experience and talent to guide projects of all formats and styles to highly successful conclusions.

The expert consultants at WRAPPED Studios are here to give form to your ideas, guiding your instincts and impulses to fully realized creative expressions that meet your unique and specific objectives. Whether you’re looking to do a temporary installation as part of a special event or create a work for the public’s permanent enjoyment, our talented team is capable of producing professional, visually stunning works of any size, even if you’re looking to fill the side of a tall building with a bold creative statement.

Our artists work in a full range of styles and formats, from traditional representational art to abstract and graphics-based projects that capture energy and create distinct moods. The WRAPPED Studios team also offers deep knowledge of the permitting process surrounding public art displays, and our consultants will be happy to help you navigate this aspect of things if your project demands it.

To learn more about our public art consulting and production capabilities, or to arrange a one-on-one meeting with a WRAPPED Studios consultant, please contact us.

June 24, 2023