Our Orange County art consultants are here to make your fine art procurement experience efficient, easy, and successful.

WRAPPED Studios is a renowned custom art studio based in the Los Angeles suburb of Venice Beach. Our complete range of in-house services includes an expert team of Orange County art consultants, who guide the conception, curation, and creation of made-to-order works of gallery-quality fine art. The WRAPPED consulting team always works on a site-specific basis, tailoring our process to each client to ensure we meet your unique objectives.

To begin, our Orange County art consultants will gather some basic background information about you and the space you’re looking to enhance. Key initial considerations include:

  • Project objectives: Many of our clients, and especially those coming from corporate, multi-family residential, and hospitality backgrounds, use fine art as a strategic extension of their branding strategies. We also work with healthcare clients and private collectors seeking interior design art consulting services.
  • Characteristics of the space: Art never exists in a vacuum; it always functions as a part of the space it occupies. Most clients favor one of two general approaches: using art to complement the space, or creating a contrasting and contrapuntal look to attract attention.
  • Stylistic and format considerations: Our consultants usually recommend choosing an artistic style that directly reflects your objectives while matching the architecture and interior design elements of the space your artwork will occupy. We also have extensive expertise with a full range of artistic media and formats.
  • Budget: Our services can be tailored to a full range of budget levels, and our unique in-house process greatly reduces costs so you can do more with less.

Once we’ve covered these essential details, our Orange County art consultants can then begin to delve deeper into the specifics, working in tandem with our in-house production team to generate a range of exciting possibilities. We will then submit those options to you for your final approval before we start to bring your project to life.  

Arrange a session with one of our expert Orange County art consultants today.

Our customer service team is standing by to match you with Orange County art consultants who have proven expertise handling projects of similar scope and size. If you would like to arrange a consultation, or if you have any questions about our process, please contact us for further information.

June 24, 2023