Use office reception art to announce your company’s presence and make a positive first impression

Reception areas are typically the first places prospective clients and interviewees will see when they arrive at your offices. As such, they tend to receive a great deal of interior design attention, and for good reason. Just like people, businesses only get one chance to make a good first impression. The quality of that first impression can make a major impact on your bottom line, which is why it’s important to invest wisely in office reception art.

In many industries, prospective clients and customers consider much more than just the cost of products or services when deciding whether or not to engage in a business relationship with a particular company. This is especially true of collaborative and service-oriented industries, in which the nature of the relationship between the parties is essential to shared success. Reception areas rank at the top of the most visible spaces in a company’s office, and high-quality, smartly chosen office reception art can immediately communicate a great deal about your business and its values.

Sending the right message is critical, not only to prospective clients and customers, but also to would-be employees. Candidates arriving for interviews make important value judgments about your company as soon as they arrive in its reception area, and young job-seekers are increasingly preferring to partner with employers who understand the value of creativity and the bigger picture of life beyond the workplace. When they are greeted with beautiful works of art the moment they walk through your doors, they’ll know you share those values and you’ll have a better chance at enticing them to join your team.

WRAPPED’s expert consultants will guide your way to stunningly beautiful works of office reception art

Office reception art can transform an otherwise purely functional interior space into a dynamic and dramatic statement of your company’s values. Many of our clients prefer to place high-impact, large-format pieces in reception areas, but our consultants are here to ensure your personal and professional preferences are fully and beautifully expressed through custom artwork of your choosing.

All WRAPPED projects are brought to completion by our highly talented team of in-house artists. No matter what artistic and aesthetic style you’re looking for, our artists have the technical skills and creative vision to help you make a memorable statement through your office reception art.

Please visit our project gallery for examples of our work, or contact our client services team to learn more or arrange your personalized consultation.

June 24, 2023