Office lobby art is an important way for companies and corporations to make positive first impressions.

In corporate buildings, lobbies are typically the first point of contact between visitors and your business. Would-be clients and prospective employees make both conscious and subconscious judgments about your company when they step into these spaces, and that’s why office lobby art is such a powerful tool for creating a positive first impression.

A well-designed and well-decorated lobby has the potential to transform an otherwise mundane moment into a powerful, lasting, and positive experience. Art has an immediate and conscious impact when it draws the eye and captivates the attention of passersby, but achieving this effect doesn’t have to be a visually loud and attention-grabbing proposition. Office lobby art can also be used to create a more subtle effect by building a refined, cultured, and creative space that quietly projects important values onto visitors and passersby.

In fact, those who have studied the effects of art in corporate spaces have found the subconscious impacts to be the most powerful. Custom art that’s tailor-made to match your company’s values and complement the space it occupies can be an effective supplemental tool for wooing clients and attracting the top talent in the available labor pool.

WRAPPED Studios creates custom, museum-quality office lobby art for prices that will pleasantly surprise you.

The WRAPPED Studios team is here to make the positive, powerful impact of custom office lobby art an accessible reality for businesses operating in all industries. Our company is structured with a unique business model that eschews outsourcing and middlemen in favor of doing everything on-site in our Venice, California studio.

This unique approach offers many benefits:

  • It ensures continuity, ease of communication, and efficiency across all aspects of the planning and production processes
  • It creates a better experience for our clients, who can stay more involved and informed during every step
  • It reduces costs by avoiding markups that inflate prices

The end result is stunning custom office lobby art for below-market prices. Our team has dozens of acclaimed corporate projects under its belt, and we’d love to help make your business our next success story.

To learn more, or to arrange a one-on-one consultation with one of our corporate art experts, please contact a member of our client services department for further information.

June 24, 2023