Choose with confidence using our handy guide to selecting office artwork.

Office artwork has proven value in business and corporate settings, but finding the right pieces to complement your space can be difficult. With an endless range of options out there, you need to narrow things down. To help guide your thinking, we’ve put together a checklist to inspire your imagination and spark some thoughts about the kind of work you’d like to add.

First, remember this all-important maxim: your office artwork should reflect your company’s values and reinforce its branding strategy. The art you choose for your office says something important about your company. What kind of statement do you want to make? How does that statement support your company’s philosophies and values?

Next: office art communicates important messages to clients and partners. Well-made art creates an emotional response in viewers, and when corporate artwork is properly chosen, that emotional response helps forge a connection between your company and the viewer. As a simple example, consider the subtle psychological effect that art depicting images of happy families would have on a prospective client at a family law firm.

Third: use office artwork to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your corporate space. Are you trying to create a refined, exclusive environment? Alternately, do you want to create an open community space buzzing with activity and creativity? These disparate objectives demand very different styles of office art, and identifying the precise way in which you want the artwork to complement your space is an essential starting point.

Finally: don’t overlook the value of office artwork in creating a more soothing and productive work environment. Studies have shown that employees who are exposed to office wall art tend to experience less stress while enjoying more productivity and greater levels of job satisfaction. Art can have an intangible but powerful effect on your company’s ability to attract and retain top talent and prevent unwanted employee turnover.      

Our expert office artwork consultants are here to meet your custom art acquisition needs.

At WRAPPED Studios, we’ve developed a unique system that allows clients to order and enjoy the benefits of custom-made, gallery-quality office artwork for below-market prices. Our value-added process begins with a detailed consultation, during which we will match you with one of our in-house corporate art experts. The entire WRAPPED Studios team is here to empower your procurement efforts, giving you complete control over the look, tone, and style of the finished product.

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June 24, 2023