At WRAPPED LA, there’s no limit on living room wall art ideas.

WRAPPED LA is a Venice, California-based fine art studio that specializes in creating professional-quality custom art for surprisingly accessible prices. Residential clients are one of our key areas of focus, and we have limitless living room wall art possibilities for you to explore.

Our unique business model is what makes WRAPPED the ideal place to buy custom art for your home. We combine a professional consultation service with in-house production capabilities, which gives our clients a one-stop solution for the procurement of custom living room wall art. Simply consult one of our experts, discuss your needs, and communicate your vision and aesthetic preferences. From there, we’ll pass your account along to our production team, who will come back with preliminary sketches and designs for your approval before executing the incredible final product.

We create custom living room wall art for both residential and commercial clients. Work produced by our talented in-house team graces the interiors of exclusive homes and estates, and we’ve also completed projects for some of the world’s most luxurious and expensive hotels.

Whether you’re looking for colorful, rhythmic, or abstract pieces with contemporary flair or custom living room wall art with classic, time-honored appeal, our artists will deliver amazing work of the same quality you’d find in a gallery.

Enjoy all the benefits of beautiful, customized living room wall art for below-market prices.

Wall art has a major influence on the way residents and guests respond to your interior space. Art offers an expressive and creative way to complement a room’s prevailing color and tone patterns while creating the kind of eye-catching focal point interior designers are always striving for.

While custom living room wall art may sound like a costly proposition, our innovative business model allows us to deliver premium products at below-market prices. This is because we provide all consultation, production, and framing services in-house, which eliminates middlemen and any need to outsource these processes. The streamlined efficiency of our company structure also keeps our costs down, and we pass those savings on to our clients.

We can provide custom living room wall art tailored to your unique vision in a complete range of settings, including::

  • Private residences
  • Shared spaces in multi-family dwellings (lobbies, lounges, and guest suites)
  • Hospitality properties

Please visit our gallery to explore samples of our past work, or contact one of our client services representatives to arrange your personal consultation.

June 24, 2023