The expert Las Vegas art consultants at WRAPPED Studios have proven experience helping businesses leverage the branding power of custom artwork.

WRAPPED Studios is a full-service custom art production studio located in the Los Angeles suburb of Venice Beach. Our in-house team of accomplished professionals includes highly experienced Las Vegas art consultants, who have a comprehensive and well-developed knowledge base that offers excellent value to corporate and hospitality clients.

The Las Vegas economy is heavily driven by tourism, and hotels and hospitality properties in the city need to carefully strategize the key differentiators that will draw more visitors and encourage repeat business. Fine art plays a subtle but important role in this process.

In the hospitality industry, guest rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and reception areas are actually powerful marketing opportunities. Using these spaces to further your branding efforts and create intimate connections with guests helps build a more positive and impactful customer experience, one that your clients will remember. This, in turn, encourages repeat business in the highly competitive world of Las Vegas hotels, resorts, and casinos.

We also provide a complete suite of similar services to corporate clients based in the Las Vegas area. In office settings, fine art plays a similar role, only it is calibrated to communicate branded corporate values and creativity to prospective and current employees, clients, and business partners. Our corporate art consulting professionals have helped dozens of businesses enjoy higher employee satisfaction rates and build better and longer-lasting client relationships.

Set up a personalized session with our Las Vegas art consultants today.

Your journey to stunning, museum-quality custom fine art begins with a remote or in-person session with one of our expert Las Vegas art consultants. During your meeting, we will match you with a knowledgeable team member with demonstrated experience and success handling similar accounts. From there, we will build an advanced understanding of what makes your business unique and build a clear picture of how we can use fine art to express and project those values.

Best of all, you’ll find our below-market prices highly advantageous. We are able to offer bespoke fine art pieces at low rates because we perform all work in-house, rather than relying on costly outsiders, contractors, and middlemen. All art production is performed by our sublimely talented and dedicated group of artists and craftspeople.

If you would like to learn more, or if you’re ready to arrange a session with one of our Las Vegas art consultants, please contact a team member today.

June 24, 2023