WRAPPED Studios delivers beautiful, custom-made interior design artwork for residential, commercial, and hospitality properties.

Custom fine art is an excellent complement to both classic and contemporary interior design strategies. Made-to-order artwork is the ideal way to achieve the exact look, tone, and mood you’re trying to create, all while saving the time, hassles, and expenses associated with searching the secondary market for the perfect piece. WRAPPED Studios is here to make procuring bespoke, gallery-quality interior design artwork fast, easy, and far more affordable than you might expect.

The WRAPPED Studios process is unique, in that we use a deep and highly capable group of in-house professionals to create stunningly beautiful custom artwork. Our hospitality, corporate, commercial, and residential art consultants are highly literate in the principles and practices of interior design. Our consulting team has extensive hands-on experience collaborating with professional designers, and we are equally happy to work with individual clients who are self-guiding their interior design projects.

After your initial consultations have resulted in a positive forward direction for your project, the world-class talents of our incredible in-house production team will take over. Because our artists work in-house, we are able to avoid the costly markups and bloated expenses that come with outsourcing and middlemen. As a result, our interior design art carries a price tag you’ll find surprisingly affordable. In fact, because our process is so efficient and streamlined, our final products sell at below-market rates because we pass those savings on to you.

Our interior design artwork specialists are available now for personal consultations.

Artwork can be used either as the focal point of an interior design strategy, or as a complementary tool to add texture and detail. Whether you’re seeking a large-format piece to capture attention or prefer to commission a series of smaller, more intimate works to enhance the effect of your overall approach, our interior design artwork consultants are happy to help.

We are fully available to clients in all phases of the interior design project lifecycle. Whether you’re seeking guidance during the planning stages or need some custom artwork to put the finishing touches on a new build or renovation, we’re here to lend our expertise and help you achieve the perfect look and mood.

To arrange your consultation, please contact a member of the WRAPPED Studios client services team.

June 24, 2023