Put the finishing touches on indoor spaces with interior design art from WRAPPED Studios.

Professional interior designers enhance the appeal of buildings and facilities of all types, creating stylish yet functional indoor areas. In privately owned buildings, their work can significantly boost a property’s resale value. In corporate settings, interior designers find creative ways of projecting a company’s image onto the spaces it occupies. This can help attract new and repeat business.

Interior designers excel at engineering indoor spaces in such a way that the eye is naturally drawn to featured areas. In many cases, they want to use wall art as part of their overall strategy. Yet, finding just the right piece for a particular space can be challenging. WRAPPED Studios solves this problem by providing professional-quality interior design art that’s made to order.

The key advantage of choosing WRAPPED Studios to complement your interior design strategy is simple: you’ll have complete control over the look, mood, and feel of the final product. By ordering a custom piece, you’ll save untold hours by avoiding the need to search high and low for just the right painting or artwork.

WRAPPED Studios creates made-to-order interior design art in a complete range of styles.

Many interior designers prefer abstract pieces of wall art, since they offer excellent flexibility and versatility. If this is what you’re looking for, then you’ll love what our talented in-house team is capable of creating. Abstract art with a contemporary feel is one of our specialties, as you can see by visiting our virtual gallery.

In other cases, flexibility and versatility aren’t high priorities; instead, interior designers will suggest finishing the space with a more traditional or representational piece. Our skilled artists are equally capable of working in these styles, and no matter what kind of art you’re looking for, you’ll enjoy below-market prices. We do everything in-house, and that means you’ll never pay markups or deal with middlemen. We’ll even provide custom framing for your interior design art at cost.

We work directly with interior designers, as well as their end clients. In both cases, our process begins with a detailed consultation to help us learn more about your project and the kind of art you’re looking for. To arrange your interior design art consultation, please contact a member of our client services department.

June 24, 2023