Fitness art offers a long list of psychological benefits, and our gym art consultants can tailor a custom solution for your facility.

When it comes to getting fit and staying in shape, personal trainers stress that mental effort is equally if not more important than the physical side of it. Fitness facilities have known this for a long time, which is why many of them use art as a motivational tool. The WRAPPED Studios team includes dedicated gym art consultants with extensive experience in this niche segment of the commercial art market.

Gym art has strong appeal because it can be used to help gym members visualize their personal training goals. Many athletics facilities combine appealing images that express desirable physical characteristics with motivational text and slogans, which have the effect of reinforcing individual motivations.

Hand-painted murals represent a particularly popular format in gyms and athletics facilities. These large-format works are readily visible and provide the opportunity to create rich detail, giving the piece added appeal to those who visit regularly and spend long periods of time in view of the wall as they work out.  

Video art is another increasingly popular option, made feasible for gyms as digital display equipment has become far more affordable in recent years. The WRAPPED Studios team of gym art consultants work with clients on an individual basis, taking the time to understand what makes their facility and clientele unique before crafting custom solutions with specific, targeted appeal.


Our in-house gym art consultants serve clients located anywhere in the world.

The WRAPPED Studios process yields made-to-order artwork of elite quality at price points that pleasantly surprise our clients. It all begins with a dedicated session with one of our gym art consultants, who conduct meetings both virtually and in-person. You can arrange your consultation online, or at our offices if you are in the proximity of our Southern California, Chicago, and London locations.

To connect with one of our gym art consultants, please reach out to a member of our client services team. We will be happy to arrange your initial, no-cost consultation at the time most convenient for you

June 24, 2023