Achieve the ideal mood and tone by complementing your interior design strategy with the incredible talents of our custom decor company.

Based in the Los Angeles area, WRAPPED Studios is a custom decor company and art studio powered by inspired vision, intelligent acumen, and the world-class talents of a highly capable in-house team of consultants, designers, artists, and craftspeople. We specialize in helping individual as well as corporate, institutional, and commercial clients meet their unique interior decoration and art procurement needs.

We use a comprehensive, efficient process that emphasizes communication, continuity, and consistency. Small misunderstandings and miscommunications can completely derail the production process when it comes to custom art, and we avoid these situations by eschewing outside contractors. Because our consulting and production teams both work in-house, we are able to deliver work that meets your specifications and expectations with pinpoint precision.

Another benefit of working with a custom decor company is that you don’t have to compromise on your vision. This is especially important in corporate and commercial settings, where art is used to craft and communicate highly specific, strategic messages. Commissioned work that gives you complete control over the project’s creative direction leads to far better results than trying to match clients with existing pieces procured on the secondary market.

Our consultants are here to guide the conception and preparation processes, deploying their comprehensive knowledge of art history and artistic styles along with their attuned insights into client needs and the contemporary art market. Working with WRAPPED Studios delivers a simplified, direct, cost-effective path to finding exactly what you’re looking for.

Our knowledgeable custom decor company staff is here to provide detailed information and insights if you’re like to learn more.

In our online portfolio, you can browse some of our most recent successes. While you will notice that many of past clients have sought large-format pieces with contemporary sensibilities and abstract styles, our production team is fully qualified and capable of creating works in a full range of styles and formats. Our services also include innovative video art installations that leverage the exciting creative possibilities of digital display formats.

If you would like to learn more about how our custom decor company works, or if you would like to set up a meeting to discuss your particular procurement needs in detail, please contact a member of our client services division.

June 24, 2023