Art for hotels is a subtle but effective way to build the kind of intimate experience that generates repeat business

Hospitality property managers and proprietors are becoming increasingly aware of the powerful potential of art for hotels. In general, the hospitality industry is embracing the idea that hotels should be more than just places to sleep. Instead, they’re being reimaged as integral parts of the the travel experience, and hotel room art is an understated yet potent way to achieve this important objective.

Consumers are showing an increased preference for accommodations that add value to their travel experience, and technology is one of the major drivers of this trend. As the hotel industry faces intensifying competition from Internet-based homestay hospitality platforms, it must adapt to meet customers’ changing desires and preferences. Creating a unique and inviting atmosphere that shows strong attention to detail is a subtle but powerful technique for forging a closer and more personal guest experience. Custom art for hotels is one of the best ways to achieve this, and small touches in intimate spaces like bathroom walls and above the bed go a long way toward making guests feel welcome.

WRAPPED provides a complete suite of services that enable hotel owners and managers to elevate the experiential value and visual appeal of their venues. Our full-service team creates beautiful hotel room art that is completely customized to your space. This allows you to seamlessly integrate it with existing aesthetic complements, or develop an entirely new interior design style as part of a full-scale makeover.

For example, our team recently created a bold collection of hotel art for the Hotel Irvine, which was specifically designed to appeal to the property’s customer base of young millennials. We were also retained by the prestigious and historic Hotel Crillon in Paris, where we contributed a set of high-profile pieces that supported the building’s conservative, neoclassical appeal and matched perfectly with the overall approach to the renovation.

WRAPPED creates stunningly beautiful, masterfully executed custom art for hotels

WRAPPED offers complete consultation, creation, and framing services that allow you to order custom-created, stunning works of art for hotels. We work from the ground up, with no costly markups from middlemen. The fabulous talents of our in-house team are at your disposal, and we have the skills and capability to create everything from small and intimate pieces to masterpiece-quality large-format and panoramic works.

Our artists produce work in a comprehensive range of styles, from the classical to the contemporary. We remain in close consultation with clients throughout the process to ensure we’re capturing just the right style and feel for your property — one that speaks to the values of your guests and enhances the aesthetic detail of the intimate interior spaces where your customers spend their time. Our team also works in a full range of formats and sizes, and our unique process enables us to skillfully execute even very large and panoramic pieces.

Our direct-to-you business model allows us to furnish custom-crafted art for hotels that delivers stunning quality for prices far lower than the industry standard. To learn more, or to arrange a detailed consultation regarding art for hotels, please contact our client support team.

June 24, 2023