Make a strong first impression with custom art for hotel lobbies that engages attention and conveys your values

First impressions carry a great deal of weight in the increasingly competitive hospitality industry, which is why hotel lobbies and reception areas tend to receive a great deal of attention from interior designers. Properties that make a positive first impression immediately put guests at ease, signalling that they’re in for a pleasant and enjoyable stay. Reception areas are typically the first thing a customer encounters when they enter the building, which is why art for hotel lobbies plays such a critical role in the guest experience.

Art for hotel lobbies is an essential aspect of property marketing. A growing percentage of consumers are using the Internet to make their hotel bookings, and hospitality properties must supplement their online presence with strong and dramatic views that highlight common areas in addition to rooms and suites. Lobbies and reception areas are almost always featured in these types of image galleries, which essentially serve as a form of branding and promotion.

When leveraged correctly, online property presentation efforts can attract positive attention and secure new business during that critical phase when a prospective customer is evaluating his or her options.

Trust the experience of the WRAPPED team to create art for hotel lobbies that speaks to the values of your clientele

The expert art consultants and talented artists at WRAPPED have worked with many hospitality industry clients seeking to beautify and upgrade their interior spaces in the interests of forging a closer and more meaningful connection with their guests. As a full-service custom art consultation and production studio, WRAPPED has the agility and in-house assets to realize artistic visions in practically any style. This gives you pinpoint control over the mood and message you send to guests, and allows you to target specific demographics who have very particular preferences and expectations when it comes to where they choose to stay.

We have completed projects for some of the world’s most prominent high-end luxury hotels, as well as interior beautification projects for newly built and renovated properties aiming for a trendy and contemporary mood. For examples of our work, please visit our gallery.
Because all consultation, conception, and production work is carried out in-house, we’re also able to offer stunning art for hotel lobbies at prices that deliver outstanding value. To learn more, or to arrange a personalized consultation for your hospitality property, please contact us.

June 24, 2023