WRAPPED Studios’s original art creation services start with hand painted elements.

We then use technology to transform these hand painted elements into original artwork that has infinite potential to be scaled and customized to meet the specific needs of a unique space. Our detailed artwork can be brought to life on canvas, aluminum, cotton rag, acrylic, wallpaper, outdoor wallpaper, or LED screen. This flexibility of both media and style allows us to curate collections of artwork for a wide range of clients and projects of all scales and industries. We offer original art creation for hospitality, corporate, multifamily, and residential spaces amongst other industries.

original art creation services

Original Art Creation Services Work Hand in Hand with Our Art Consulting Services

Our talented team of in-house artists work off of a client’s specified vision and aesthetics to create stunning artwork to perfectly complement their vision.  By creating all of the original artwork in house, rather than sourcing from outside art studios, we deliver a product that is tailored to a client’s vision from start to finish. Our artists are highly versatile, and every style from the very bold to the understated can be found in our portfolio. From conservative, rorschach inspired cotton rag pieces under glass for a traditional hotel in Paris to wild, vibrant stroke based pieces for office lobbies in Los Angeles, our original art creation services accommodate every style of building. Our team of in-house art consultants communicate seamlessly with our in-house artists to deliver an original art collection that is curated to a space. 

June 24, 2023