Video art for lobbies has become very popular, but how can it be used to generate economic benefits?

Video art for lobbies has become an increasingly common feature of office complexes and public buildings over the past several years. The trend is being driven by a combination of technological advancement and artistic innovation. Screens have become the dominant medium of communication in the 21st century, prompting artists to find innovative ways to use it as a forum for creative expression.

Art has inherent value that makes it a worthwhile pursuit in its own right, but video art for lobbies also has commercial potential. This potential extends to property owners and management groups, as well as their tenant companies.

Here’s how:

Video art enhances a property’s appeal to tenants

Commercial developments with high levels of unit density must compete in order to attract and retain tenants. Video art for lobbies can tip that balance in your favor by curating a more modern, innovative, and appealing environment.

Over the long term, this can result in less tenant turnover and higher occupancy rates. Those benefits both boost the property’s profitability, making video art an appealing investment for property ownership and management groups. 

Artwork improves productivity

A compelling and expanding body of scientific research supports strong, direct links between the presence of artwork and productivity improvements

Video art for lobbies, which frequently uses large-screen formats that attract attention, boosts building occupants’ daily exposure to creative artwork. This, in turn, can have a trickle-down effect that can benefit the bottom lines of businesses that strategically supplement the presence of video art with their own internal aesthetic initiatives.

Video art generates conversation and promotes human interaction

For much of the 20th century, office-based workplaces were largely utilitarian in their design and configuration. Curating spaces that lived and breathed dynamic energy was not generally a feature of the mainstream enterprise outlook.

That trend has profoundly changed in the new millennium as businesses and employees have both developed a heightened appreciation for the positive mental and emotional effects of artistic and interactive spaces. These benefits can translate to productivity improvements, giving the human interaction stoked by provocative works of video art for lobbies an additional dimension of economic viability. 

Digital artwork helps create a memorable environment

Impressions matter in the business world, and video art for lobbies offers a highly effective way to engineer a memorable environment. This can benefit the companies that own or occupy office complexes by making a favorable impact on visitors, who may be potential investors, employees, or clients.

As a uniquely modern and contemporary art form, video-oriented digital artwork directly aligns properties and the businesses they house with the important values of creativity and innovation. This subtle but powerful psychological cue can have similarly beneficial effects on financial performance. 

Innovative media formats are a powerful branding tool

Branding is a critical concept not only for products and services, but also for companies themselves. This is becoming increasingly apparent as the ongoing effects of the Great Resignation continue to impact the U.S. employment landscape. 

Labor force participants increasingly want to work for companies that have a beneficial and compelling vision. Video art for lobbies sends a strong message to this effect, which is reinforced on a quotidian basis and can be a powerful way to galvanize positive sentiment about the business itself. 

WRAPPED Studios creates bespoke video art for lobbies using innovative techniques brought to life by talented artists and expert technicians.

As a forward-facing artistic collective, WRAPPED Studios has eagerly embraced the power and creativity made possible by emerging digital formats. We create video art for lobbies, exterior-facing structures, and virtually any other private or public venue. Clients can commission our team to create customized works to their exact specifications or license existing works from our large and growing library.

The economic benefits of video art for lobbies represents an investment with the potential to generate positive long-term returns. To learn more about your options and the services we offer, please contact us to discuss your needs in detail with an expert professional.