Custom artwork is ideal for any client looking to curate a creatively invigorating and tasteful space. It is especially appealing as an alternative to sourcing work on secondary art markets.

Here’s why:

You can save time

Even the most specific and targeted searches of the secondary market will yield thousands of potential matches. If you choose to source your artwork this way, you’ll need to log dozens of hours giving each individual piece its due consideration. 

Worry over potentially overlooking an ideal match can also set in. Even very experienced buyers can get mired in this second-guessing, which can be very stressful and time-consuming.

When you order custom artwork developed especially for your space, you’ll avoid these issues and save yourself untold hours of labor and analysis.

Avoid endless searches and acquire the perfect piece

There’s another issue to consider when it comes to the secondary art market: you might not find quite what you’re looking for no matter how hard you look. This can add significantly to the time you spend and the stress you experience.

With custom artwork, you’re in complete control of the outcome. You can choose the piece’s  artistic style, medium, color scheme, tone, imagery theme, and practically every other formal and aesthetic characteristic. It’s the ideal way to create the perfect match for the space you’re augmenting

You can save money

If you get lucky, your preferred pre-made artwork could be yours for a few hundred dollars. If you’re unlucky…the sky’s the limit.

Custom artwork is cost-controlled, especially at WRAPPED Studios. We prioritize the exclusive use of in-house assets whenever possible, avoiding expensive contractors, third-party service providers, and middlemen. This reduces our costs, allowing us to pass those savings on to you.

As an added bonus, you can do something more productive with all the time you’ll save. And of course time, as the saying goes, is money.

Our Southern California studio creates gallery-quality custom artwork for discerning clients

The WRAPPED Studios team consists of expert consultants, knowledgeable technicians, and talented artists. Our combined abilities are second to none in the custom artwork industry and we are pleased to serve a global base of potential clients.

If you’d like to learn more or set up a custom artwork consultation, please contact us.