WRAPPED creates beautiful, customized hotel room art that adds value to the guest experience.

Hospitality industry trends show that consumers increasingly prefer travel accommodations that deliver a more personalized and intimate experience. Hotel room art offers one of the simplest and most effective ways to forge a closer connection with your guests.

With the rise of consumer-to-consumer homestay and vacation rental platforms, traditional hotels need to work harder to earn, retain, and satisfy their customers. Hotel room art is a small touch that goes a long way. It can be used to subtle but fruitful effect in the spaces only your guest can see: over their bed, on their hotel room walls, inside their bathroom suite. Art is well-known to provoke an instinctive emotional response in the viewer, so generating that kind of response in these intimate spaces is an excellent way to make your guest feel at home. That, in turn, increases your chances of earning repeat business.

WRAPPED helps hospitality industry clients achieve this important objective by creating beautiful, unique, and completely customized art for hotel rooms. Our services are perfectly suited to small-scale hotel room makeovers as well as full-on property redevelopment projects that fully reimagine all your interior spaces. In both cases, our hospitality art consultation and design team work closely with you to select an aesthetic that reflects your hotel property’s style and the values you want to convey.

Generate the proven benefits of premium-quality art for hotel rooms at prices below what you would expect to pay.

While most of our clients seek small-format hotel room art, our talented and highly skilled in-house team is equally capable of creating full-size, large-scale works that can even cover entire walls or ceilings. Our artists are also well-versed and extensively trained in art styles ranging from the classical to the contemporary, and we’re happy to accommodate your preferences no matter what aesthetic or interior design style your hotel rooms may demand.

Our unique business model also delivers outstanding value. We custom-craft your hotel room art in our Southern California studio, eliminating middle men to deliver premium-quality products directly to you at prices that are well below the industry standard. You can learn more about our work by consulting our portfolio gallery.

In creating custom art for hotel rooms, we always begin by engaging our clients in an extensive, personalized consultation to determine the best approach and specifics including the aesthetic style, the number of pieces you need, and the formats you’re seeking. To get started, please contact our client services team

June 24, 2023