Transform corporate lobbies into dynamic and visually appealing public spaces with custom art for office buildings.

High-visibility public spaces in offices and corporate buildings play vitally important roles in communicating core values. Creating a polished, refined appearance with strong aesthetic appeal and careful attention to detail in these spaces is a powerful way to set a professional tone that’s attractive to both visitors and on-site personnel. Custom art for office buildings offers one of the best and most direct ways to achieve these effects.

Tasteful, eye-catching art for office buildings benefits commercial property owners as well as their tenants. By adorning key public spaces like lobbies, hallways, reception areas, and elevator bays with beautiful artwork, you set an urbane and sophisticated tone that helps attract desirable tenants and improve occupancy rates.

Moreover, as millennials continue to make bigger and bigger inroads in the professional world, companies need to be increasingly mindful of the impressions they create. Younger workers show an increasing preference for employers who foster a culture of creativity. Art for office buildings is one of the most emphatic and direct ways you can align yourself with these values to build and retain a happier and more satisfied workforce.

As a commercial building’s main entry point, corporate lobbies play a crucial role in building the kind of creative and positive space that attracts people. The talented team at WRAPPED can help you optimize the impact of these vital shared spaces by creating stunningly beautiful, custom-made artwork in a full variety of media.

The WRAPPED team creates first-rate custom art for office buildings in a complete range of media and styles.

In corporate lobbies and shared spaces, we tend to favor large-scale, impactful installations that create a dramatic aesthetic signature for the space. We extend our focus on entryways and areas with high volumes of foot traffic to quieter zones of the building, including hallways and reception areas. Weaving the overall aesthetic together in all publicly accessible spaces has a powerful subconscious effect that makes your corporate offices a more pleasant place to spend time.

Our highly talented team of in-house artists has world-class design and execution skills across a complete range of artistic styles, including everything from the timeless and classic to the boldly modern. The process always begins with a detailed one-on-one consultation, during which we collect comprehensive information on your business, your aesthetic preferences, and the core values you want to project in your public spaces.

For a clearer idea of how our artists impact and shape interior spaces, please visit our gallery. If you’d like to learn more about our company or our process, or if you’re ready to arrange a consultation, please contact us.

June 24, 2023