Custom art for hotel hallways contributes to a unified, whole-property aesthetic that improves the guest experience.

Subtle touches in quiet spaces make a big difference in the way guests perceive the hotels they stay in during their travels. In hospitality facilities, works of art aren’t just a way to fill walls that would otherwise be empty. They play an important role in building a unified, top-to-bottom aesthetic for the property, building and setting just the right tone for the hotel’s clientele. Custom art for hotel hallways can be used to great effect in complementing and completing your property’s overall interior design strategy.

Beyond the lobby and reception area, the halls leading to rooms and suites are among the first spaces your guests will see when they first arrive at your hotel. Hotel owners and managers can use these areas as an opportunity to further their branding efforts by making decorative choices that support the property’s overall aesthetic and mood.

Strategically positioned art for hotel hallways can also have an arresting and dramatic effect that makes a strong impression on guests. For example, placing visually appealing pieces on the walls that face hotel elevators allows you to greet visitors with thoughtful touches that show attention to detail and communicate the importance you place on their comfort and satisfaction.

Trust the expertise of the skilled and knowledgeable WRAPPED team to enjoy the benefits of beautiful art for hotel hallways.

The WRAPPED team provides complete consulting, design, and custom art production services that guide you through every step of the procurement process with ease and confidence. Our scalable suite of services can be expanded to cover comprehensive, top-to-bottom interior design overhauls, or used to create customized complements to your existing artwork.

Consumers are showing an increasing preference for personalized accommodation experiences when they travel. Art for hotel hallways helps you meet this growing demand by setting a consistent, thematically unified mood and tone throughout the property. This strengthens your on-site branding efforts and helps deliver a more pleasant and enjoyable guest experience, which can help you generate repeat business and earn positive reviews from guests.

WRAPPED works directly with a talented team of in-house artists and framers, building continuity through all steps of the production process that leads to superior results. Because we don’t deal with middlemen, we’re able to offer stunning works of museum-quality art for prices that remain below the industry average.

To learn more, or to consult us regarding art for hotel hallways, please contact a member of our client services department.

June 24, 2023