Custom hand-painted murals offer a creative and visually appealing way to brand and differentiate indoor and outdoor spaces.

Large-format, custom hand-painted murals have limitless potential when it comes to branding and promotions. Our studio’s recent work at The Colony, a Dallas-based open-air market, offers an excellent example.

The Colony’s shopping experience combines independent retailers with well-known franchises. Grandscape, the establishment’s management group, recently retained our custom art consultants to create a series of murals for this unique cultural and commercial institution.  

The completed project consists of four custom hand-painted murals that incorporate thematically and artistically unified visual elements and color schemes. Inspired by local flora and incorporating vintage typography, they combine to create a memorable welcome with high impact for both first-time and return visitors.

Our work at The Colony is one of many examples of how WRAPPED Studios creates effective branding campaigns through site-specific artwork. You can view many more in our showcase project portfolio.

WRAPPED Studios specializes in creating custom hand-painted murals for a global base of clients.

Our Southern California-based studio offers its expertise in creating custom hand-painted murals to commercial and institutional clients located anywhere in the world. We use a unique production process built around the exclusive use of in-house assets. This helps us keep costs in check, and we pass those savings on to our clients in the form of surprisingly affordable rates.

The WRAPPED Studios process begins with a dedicated consultation. During these sessions, we match you with one of our resident project development experts. You can discuss your objectives and expectations, and our consultants will formulate a tailored plan for achieving them.

Carefully developed, unified branding efforts like we created for The Colony can work wonders in elevating a business’s prominence, reach, and memorability. To discuss your commissioning of custom hand-painted murals with one of our experts, please contact WRAPPED Studios to book your consultation.

June 25, 2023