WRAPPED Studios helped define the Parkside apartment community with stunning, large-format custom murals. 

Branded as Parkside @ City Center, the Parkside residential community is a transformative redevelopment in the Denver-area municipality of Aurora, Colorado. The complex is the centerpiece of an ambitious urban revitalization project that is turning a formerly generic, mall-centric suburb into a walkable, lively, and culture-rich destination.

To reflect the optimism of the Parkside project, construction company Milender White engaged our studio to create a set of custom murals. This marked our second Milender White collaboration of 2021, as we had already engaged with the builder’s work in the Bluebird Market dining, retail, and event complex.  

The custom murals we created for Parkside include a high-visibility paint-drip artwork for the complex’s exterior wall, along with a fun and playful interior piece. The exterior mural invigorates an otherwise generic facade with a rich and colorful design, brightening its appeal and helping advance Milender White’s innovative branding strategy.

The second mural riffs on Parkside logo, presenting it in a series of playful size and orientation variations. It fills an interior wall adjacent to a lounge and meeting space, extending the exterior property branding to this high-traffic indoor area.

Custom murals offer a cost-effective, high-impact way to differentiate, market, and brand your property.

Custom murals rank among the leading formats our clients request, given the cost-efficient path they offer to multiple important benefits. The Parkside project displays their potential in creating a wholly unified and differentiated, branded space. This, in turn, supports marketing efforts and ultimately helps improve tenant retention rates, reduce vacancies, and create more value for property owners and management groups.

WRAPPED Studios provides start-to-end support for the creation of custom murals, beginning with aesthetic ideation and concept development and proceeding through the production and finishing stages. To learn more, or to arrange your initial consultation, please contact our Southern California art studio.

June 25, 2023