Our corporate art licensing services allow businesses to benefit from our world-class creative talents.

Corporate art licensing allows private businesses to purchase use and distribution rights to professionally created artwork. They can use the work for any approved purpose, from promotions and branding to physical products.

Many clients commission our Southern California-based studio to craft original artwork for use in manufactured products. In these cases, clients usually seek abstract designs built around a versatile interplay between form and color. They then use these designs in products like housewares, home fashions, apparel, and accessories.

Our recent work with California Landmark Group (CLG) is a little different than most of our other collaborative licensing projects. In this case, CLG approached us seeking a logo for their G8 residential complex in the Los Angeles suburb of Marina del Rey.

For this corporate art licensing project, we created a unique and iconic emblem for the G8 community. The logo now graces the G8 complex and can be seen from practically every direction in proximate areas of Marina del Rey. Its strategic placement invites viewers to notice the building, creating intrigue and interest that ultimately support CLG’s goal of attracting desirable long-term tenants.

WRAPPED Studios artists completed this corporate art licensing commission by hand-painting the logo on multiple murals around the property. Its unifying presence extends throughout high-traffic common areas including exteriors and amenity facilities.   


June 25, 2023