Custom murals help differentiate a property, improve and enliven its high-traffic areas, and elevate its value.

Confluence at Valencia is a newly built mixed-use complex in Santa Clarita, a municipality within Los Angeles County. The WRAPPED Studios team recently executed a series of custom murals for the property, which we have documented here as a testament to the positive impacts art can have with regards to property branding.

For this project, WRAPPED Studios partnered with the architecture studio RD Collaborative and FivePoint, an innovative developer of large-scale, mixed-use communities in coastal areas of Southern California. The project’s objective was to use minimalistic art as a creative imprint on the property, defining and differentiating it to create a dynamic and appealing space.  

The custom murals we created drew on Memphis-inspired design elements to create a subtle yet potent impact rich with color and kinetic energy. They occupy a high-profile space in the development’s resort-style poolside area, and complement a set of canvases and sculptures that adorn its interiors.

Our forward-facing Southern California artistic collective specializes in creating custom murals for both indoor and outdoor display.

The custom murals we created for Confluence at Valencia rank as one of our studio’s most popular and commonly requested specializations. Large-format murals offer a cost-efficient, high-visibility way to brand and market a property. In high-density areas, they can also be used to establish a locale as a neighborhood landmark, which can in turn broaden its profile, appeal, and property value.

At WRAPPED Studios, we use a unique process built around in-house assets to control costs and prevent runaway project budgets. As a result, we are able to offer a world-class suite of custom art creation services at prices our clients find surprisingly affordable.

All our projects begin with a consultation session, in which we pair clients with an accomplished and experienced development expert. At this stage, we work with you to determine your vision and objectives. We then use those insights to develop a series of customized project proposals, from which the client chooses a forward direction for the work.

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June 25, 2023