Our recent project at 6255 W. Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles highlights the transformative, community-building power of custom public art.

Recently, Kilroy Realty approached our studio with a problem. The Hollywood-based company had a large, unsightly perforated metal screen covering the rooftop elements of its HVAC system. While the screen performed an essential mechanical function, people hated looking at it. Seeking a creative solution to the problem, Kilroy Realty engaged our team to turn it into a colorful work of custom public art.

As documented in this case study, our artists methodically repurposed the perforated screen into an artistic medium. They executed a simple design built around intersecting lines, asymmetrical shapes, and a bright, high-contrast color scheme. Kilroy Realty selected the final design from a shortlist of candidates developed in-house by our world-renowned team of custom public art consultants.

Notably, the final shortlist included proposals covering multiple distinct styles, including both abstract and representational ideas. This varied strategy gives clients broad latitude in selecting their preferred approach to custom public art, allowing them to create a curated experience for the thousands of people who will view it.

The final hand-painted mural at 6255 W. Sunset Blvd. was installed directly on the HVAC system’s metal substrate exterior. It has a deceptively rich sense of visual depth and is visible to tenants and occupants throughout the neighborhood, enriching their views of the surrounding area and helping breathe life and color into this densely developed urban neighborhood.

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Custom public art projects begin with detailed planning. At WRAPPED Studios, we employ a full-time team of in-house experts, who lead client consultations and develop ideas into exciting proposals and, finally, beautiful artworks.

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June 25, 2023