Connecting with nature promotes health of both body and mind. Our team’s Tree Geo piece explores these benefits in an innovative digital format.

Forests have occupied a prominent place in the mythology of the human psyche for thousands of years. Their soothing and calming properties are well-documented on both intuitive and scientific levels. The ancient Japanese concept of “forest bathing” has even come into vogue in recent years as the internet has enabled the traditional concept’s global spread.

In short, forest greenery has powerful, tangible mental and physical health benefits: the sights, sounds, and smells of wooded areas forge electrifying connections between people and nature. These are ideally experienced in person, but when that is not possible, video art representations might be the next-best thing.

The WRAPPED Studios team recently completed an innovative video art installation we call Tree Geo. It consists of a classic forest pan augmented by unique digital elements, creating a striking effect that explores the depth and power of nature.

We can easily adapt the piece to include an expanded set of natural settings, or to juxtapose images of nature with dynamic scenes from the modern world. Our team can also execute any ideas you may wish to add on your own.

Tree Geo, or a similar piece of custom video art, makes a great addition to office, corporate, and institutional settings. To learn more about it, to order a copy of your own, or to get started on your own piece of bespoke custom digital artwork, please contact us.


WRAPPED Studios creates custom digital art projects for both aesthetic and commercial applications.

WRAPPED Studios is a forward-facing artistic collective based in the culturally distinctive and inspiring Los Angeles suburb of Venice. Our studio includes one of the industry’s most complete and accomplished teams of consultants and production professionals. We offer full-service capabilities in a comprehensive range of artistic media, including digital art projects of virtually any size and scope.

Clients come to us to help them conceive, refine, and execute digital artwork for purely aesthetic as well as commercial, branding, and promotional purposes. Beyond its cultural function as an emerging mode of creative expression, digital and video art can also act as a powerful marketing tool. Companies frequently use it as a subtle but effective way to communicate their commitments to important values like innovation and progress.

We develop and produce all digital art projects in-house, through a dedicated company division focused solely on creative applications of new technologies.  Clients play an active role in shaping the direction of every project, thanks to a signature consulting and development process designed to capture and express the fully realized essence of your unique visions and ideas.

June 25, 2023