WRAPPED Studios is a leading producer of custom video art. Our recent Tiles project represents a striking expression of the format’s creative possibilities. 

Since it became a fixture of contemporary life in the mid-20th century, the screen has become a favored medium of artistic innovation. Its evolution has gained momentum in the digital age, with emerging technologies offering an ever-expanding set of creative possibilities. WRAPPED Studios has enthusiastically embraced the limitless promise of the screen by becoming an internationally renowned leader in custom video art production.

Our Tiles project offers a compelling illustration of our studio’s capabilities, and of the creative potential offered by custom video art as an expressive medium. The work presents a gridlike pattern of abstract shapes and forms, using grayscale tones to generate texture and create an enhanced sense of depth and three-dimensionality. 

Tiles also incorporates temporality into its form, playing on a loop that shatters and reconfigures the tiled grid over and over. It functions as a poignant metaphor of the digital age itself, with its neutral tones and equivocal visual elements making for easy integration into just about any corporate, residential, or institutional setting.

Clients can commission original works of custom video art or license existing pieces from our large and growing library.

Given the sharp increase in the number of clients interested in custom video art, WRAPPED Studios has developed options at multiple price points. First, clients can engage our expert video art advisors and world-class creative and technical personnel to order bespoke digital artworks made to their exact specifications. All such projects are developed in-house through client-led consultations.

As a budget-friendly alternative, clients can also license existing works of custom video art from our fast-growing digital library. These subscription-based models are ideal for clients seeking to engage their customers and site visitors with expressive abstract digital artworks. Our licensing plans allow you to reinvigorate your artwork display on an ongoing basis by presenting different pieces to keep things fresh, exciting, and more engaging for your viewers.

To set up your custom video art consultation or learn more about the pieces we have available for licensing, please contact us. We serve a global client base from offices in Southern California, Chicago, and London.

June 26, 2023