We recently created an innovative custom digital art project that pays tribute to leading American artist Charles Arnoldi.

Strings is a custom digital art piece created by our studio in honor of contemporary American sculptor and painter Charles Arnoldi (1946- ). Arnoldi shares our Venice, California home, and his works now grace the halls of prestigious galleries and museums including the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao, Spain) and the Museum of Modern Art (New York). Our team sought to pay homage to his famous String Theory painting series as a tribute to his unique legacy.

Arnoldi’s String Theory series belongs to the later stages of his storied career. It endeavors to explore complex cosmological mysteries through abstract forms, creating a transcendent experience that our Strings custom digital art piece sought to capture.

Our consultants and artists developed Strings by studying multiple Arnolidi paintings and extracting artistic insights from their visual elements and themes. The final work adds a temporal nature to the experience, incorporating movement with music in a participatory  invitation to the viewer.


Strings is a recent example of our studio’s growing portfolio of custom digital art inspired by prominent international artists. These works are commonly commissioned by clients including corporations, hospitality-industry businesses, and educational and healthcare institutions. Private collectors and exhibitors planning indoor, outdoor, and public art displays also retain our services to create works.  

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The entire WRAPPED Studios team draws inspiration from engaging the ideas of clients and external observers. Is there a particular work you would like to see us adapt into a piece of custom digital art? We’d love to hear about it

We are also happy to liaise with a global base of prospective clients interested in commissioning one-of-a-kind custom digital art projects. WRAPPED Studios serves businesses, institutions, and individuals located anywhere in the world through expert consultations and an industry-leading in-house development process.

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June 25, 2023