WRAPPED Studios’ custom digital artwork Sharks was featured at the 2018 edition of the Miami Art Basel exhibition.

The ocean is a major source of inspiration for members of the WRAPPED Studios team, for multiple reasons. One is that our Venice, California headquarters overlooks the jeweled blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Another is that Ryland Arnoldi, our co-founder, comes from a family heavily involved in marine biology research.

These influences found a highly successful expression in Sharks, which we proudly consider one of the finest custom digital artworks our studio has ever produced. The piece was conceived as a digital representation of a living art aquarium, and applied advanced creative and technical strategies to create a unique, engaging, and interactive finished product.

Our Sharks custom digital artwork was featured at the 2018 installment of Miami Art Basel. The annual Art Basel exhibition is an international art fair that takes place in three locations: Basel, Switzerland; Miami, Florida; and Hong Kong. Its objective is to raise funding for local art institutions in these three cities, creating opportunities for both established and emerging artists.

Our team can create a version of Sharks just for you, or any other custom digital artwork of your choosing.

Our entire staff, from our co-founders and consultants to our creative team and technical professionals, consider Sharks one of the most successful projects we have ever executed. If you would like your own version of this impressive custom digital artwork, we would be happy to create one for you. Clients can order exact copies, or tweak the details to reflect their own tastes and aesthetic preferences.

You can also engage the deep knowledge and insights of our art consultants to create custom digital artworks of your own. Simply communicate your ideas, however basic or developed they may be, during a consultation session. Our accomplished team will then bring your project to life using a proven process, for a price you will find surprisingly affordable.

To learn more or book your consultation, please contact a member of our client services team.

June 26, 2023