Hermann Rorschach made iconic contributions to the fields of psychoanalysis and psychiatry. We created an abstract video art project to pay tribute to his work.

Hermann Rorschach (1884-1922) was a Swiss psychiatrist who made pioneering contributions to the disciplinary subfield of psychoanalysis. He is best-known for developing Rorschach inkblots, which are abstract images that vaguely resemble multiple potential objects. These inkblots are used in the famous Rorschach test, which asks subjects to look at the inkblots and describe what they see. According to Rorschach’s theory, subjects’ answers offer valuable insights into their psychology, emotions, and subconscious inner workings.

Today, experts continue to debate the value of the Rorschach test as a psychological evaluation tool. Regardless, its iconic status in the field is beyond question. Rorschach inkblots have made a permanent impression on popular culture, which recently inspired our team to create a unique abstract video art project.

The project, which we have titled Rorschach, superimposes the image of an inkblot against a blank background. Our abstract video art technicians then added motion effects, giving the piece a subtle sense of kinetic energy. They also used advanced techniques to create the impression of ink from the blot bleeding into a digital “page,” adding extra impact and visual interest.

Order your own copy of our Rorschach artwork, or consult our experts to arrange a custom abstract video art project of your own choosing.

Abstract video art pieces like Rorschach make excellent additions to all sorts of spaces, including:

  • Multifamily residences
  • Corporate offices
  • Public galleries
  • Retail facilities
  • Hospitality facilities

This particular piece holds extra appeal for educational and healthcare institutions, given the iconic status of Rorschach inkblots in the field of psychology. If you would like to order your own version of this unique abstract video art piece, we would be happy to oblige you.

WRAPPED Studios also makes its expert in-house consultants fully available to clients who want to create their own custom works. With reliable experience, unique creative insights, and a special sensitivity to budgetary limitations, our team creates bespoke works of unique abstract video art for surprisingly low prices. To learn more, please contact a member of our client services department.

June 25, 2023