Interactive digital art offers limitless possibilities. Our studio’s Particles project explores the unique expressive capabilities of new media formats.

The creative process is one of constant inspiration, synthesis, dismantling, and reintegration. Our team wanted to put together a piece of interactive digital art that explored these themes, and Particles was the exciting result.

Particles begins by presenting a traditional watercolor painting, which then dissolves into a flurry of constituent elements. As these elements — the titular “particles” — attempt to fuse themselves into new combinations, the viewer is led on a stimulating interactive digital art experience. The finished piece communicates the alternating feelings of creative ecstasy and experimental uncertainty that accompany artistic endeavor.

Works like Particles make an excellent addition to enterprise settings, where interactive digital art is often used to communicate key company values. Particles speaks to the necessity of persistence in the creative process, inspiring viewers to constantly seek new approaches as they encounter obstacles on the path to their objectives. It inspires perseverance in settings where ideas and process-oriented thinking function as currency.

Order a replica or customized copy of Particles today, or arrange a consultation to get started on an interactive digital art project of your own choosing.

Particles is one of the most successful and fascinating examples of our studio’s interactive digital art creation capabilities. We are pleased to offer clients the opportunity to purchase their own copy of the piece, or order custom versions. Virtually any of the creative and design elements that define the work can be swapped for substitutes of your choosing, allowing you to tweak Particles to speak to your organization’s unique characteristics and values.

Clients can also draw on the insights of our expert consultants and the peerless talents of our technical and creative staff to conceive and develop interactive digital art projects of their own choosing. In-person consultation sessions are available in Venice and Orange County, California along with Chicago and London. Clients in other locations can arrange remote sessions that include virtual one-on-one meetings with a project development expert.

To learn more, arrange your consultation, or order your own copy of Particles, please contact a member of our client services team.

June 26, 2023