Discover Palm, an exciting piece of custom digital art that can appear anywhere, on any screen, for the enjoyment of one or many.

WRAPPED Studios is headquartered in the Los Angeles suburb of Venice, which is world-famous for its iconic palm trees. Inspired by the definitive sights and sounds of the vibrant cultural hub we call home, our team sought to create a unique piece of custom digital art that captured the spirit of Venice itself.

This endeavor resulted in a work we call Palm. Its source material was a tall palm tree that stands right outside the studio balcony at our Venice headquarters. Our artists created a “living snapshot” of the tree, which renders perfectly on any screen.

The goal of Palm was to create a piece of custom digital art that anyone, anywhere can enjoy. It also captures the creative spirit of Venice, which is a central fixture of the world-class Los Angeles arts scene. Palm is compatible with screens small and large, and can be displayed on personal devices and in private homes, multifamily residential buildings, corporate offices, hospitality facilities, institutional facilities, and anywhere else you can put a screen.

Order a version of Palm for your home, office, or mobile device, or create a unique piece of custom digital art to call your own.

No matter where you are, Palm allows you to display the authentic sights of Southern California to one viewer, a thousand viewers, or more. If this appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities, our team will be happy to create a tailor-made version of Palm for you, or another piece of custom digital art that draws on the same elements.

We can also create a fully personalized work of custom digital art based on other motifs, design elements, or visual themes. These can be of your own choosing, or you can entrust our in-house experts, artists, and technical personnel to suggest ideas and guide the development process on your behalf. To get started, arrange your custom digital art consultation today.


June 25, 2023