This stunning ocean-inspired piece showcases our team’s elite custom textile art capabilities.

Custom textile art adds appeal to private residences, shared residential spaces, and corporate offices. It also holds appeal in institutional and hospitality settings, enhancing intimacy with its traditional nature.

Our talented team of in-house artists recently created a piece of custom textile art we titled Painted Ocean. The work was inspired by our close proximity to the cool blue waters of the Pacific, but it also drew on our working history with leading textile and fabric designers.

Painted Ocean supports multiple possible interpretations. On a literal level, it replicates the undulating appearance of ocean waves. More figuratively, it captures the timeless and eternal kinetic essence of silky fabric free-floating through breezy oceanside air.

We wanted to highlight Painted Ocean to emphasize our team’s full artistic format capabilities. WRAPPED Studios is best-known for its innovative digital and video artworks, paintings, and murals, but our highly skilled creative professionals also excel with textiles, fabrics, and other tactile media. 

Our consultants and professionals would be happy to create a stunning piece of custom textile art to your exact specifications. To get started, please contact a member of our customer service team to arrange your one-on-one appointment with one of our in-house experts.

June 26, 2023