Discover Morandi, a new entry in our growing portfolio of interior design digital art projects. 

At WRAPPED Studios, we participate in an initiative we call the Digital Art Heritage Series. In the series, we pay homage to impactful artists who have shaped the contemporary international creative and artistic landscapes. Morandi is a piece of interior design digital art we made as a tribute to the renowned Italian painter and printmaker Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964).  

Morandi was particularly well-known for his captivating still-life images. Art historians rave about the subtle complexities of the approach Morandi used to create compelling renderings of seemingly simple, everyday objects. He favored subjects ranging from landscapes and floral arrangements to household items like pottery and bowls. 

Our Morandi artwork depicts multiple objects familiar to those who know Morandi’s work, including bottles and vases. This unique interior design digital art project puts Morandi’s still-life paintings in motion, utilizing video art to add dimensions of temporality and spatial depth to his unmistakably iconic style.

Together with works like Strings, our Morandi interior design digital art project is part of a growing collection of tribute pieces. They showcase our studio’s advanced project development and production capabilities, which we extend to a global base of prospective clients. 

WRAPPED Studios provides interior design digital art development and production services to clients located anywhere in the world.

At WRAPPED Studios, we utilize a distinctive development and production process designed to generate superior results while simultaneously offering major cost advantages. Our complete in-house assets include a network of expert digital art consultants along with accomplished artists and skilled technicians. Together, these professionals apply their sharp insights and unique talents to develop, refine, create, and render gallery-quality interior design digital art projects.

For our clients, the main advantage of this process is that it minimizes or eliminates any need for us to hire expensive third-party contractors and service providers. Because we tightly control production costs, our suite of world-class interior design digital art creation services is fully available at prices our clients find surprisingly affordable.

The WRAPPED Studios journey begins with a detailed one-on-one consultation session, during which we will identify your objectives, discuss your ideas, and develop a direction for your project. To arrange yours, please contact us today.

June 25, 2023