Custom digital art helps brand and define venues, establishing them as neighborhood landmarks. See this principle in action through our work at LA Live. 

LA Live is a world-class entertainment complex in Downtown Los Angeles. Adjacent to major draws and attractions including the Staples Center and Los Angeles Convention Center, LA Live opened in 2007 to massive fanfare. It has since become an iconic centerpiece of Downtown LA’s dramatic resurgence. 

The complex’s management group utilizes LA Live’s video screens to promote events, release information, and market the property. We created a hypnotic piece of video art for display at the venue, consisting of abstract shapes engaged in slow, fluid movements as they expand their cyan, blue, and purple tones across a dark background. 

The custom digital art plays on exterior video screens at LA Live, attracting the attention of passing pedestrians, vehicle passengers, and motorists. It draws interest in the venue, adding to its profile as a major downtown landmark and tourist attraction.

Our forward-facing art collective creates custom digital art in a wide range of formats. Clients can choose permanent installations or opt for subscription-based service. 

While many of our clients prefer the ownership model, we also offer an alternative in the form of digital art subscriptions. This setup allows businesses and event venues to license video artworks from our large and growing library on a temporary basis. It enables clients to rotate the works on display according to fixed or variable schedules, which maintains viewer interest and creates a diversified sense of variety.

 If you’re interested in a permanent installation, our video art consultants are fully available to begin developing a direction for your project. If you would like to learn more about our digital art subscription services, please contact a member of the WRAPPED Studios team.

WRAPPED Studios creates custom digital art projects for both aesthetic and commercial applications.

WRAPPED Studios is a forward-facing artistic collective based in the culturally distinctive and inspiring Los Angeles suburb of Venice. Our studio includes one of the industry’s most complete and accomplished teams of consultants and production professionals. We offer full-service capabilities in a comprehensive range of artistic media, including digital art projects of virtually any size and scope.

Clients come to us to help them conceive, refine, and execute digital artwork for purely aesthetic as well as commercial, branding, and promotional purposes. Beyond its cultural function as an emerging mode of creative expression, digital and video art can also act as a powerful marketing tool. Companies frequently use it as a subtle but effective way to communicate their commitments to important values like innovation and progress.

We develop and produce all digital art projects in-house, through a dedicated company division focused solely on creative applications of new technologies.  Clients play an active role in shaping the direction of every project, thanks to a signature consulting and development process designed to capture and express the fully realized essence of your unique visions and ideas.

June 26, 2023